Portable Mobile Earthing

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  Portable Earthing Electrode is a convenient way for all application, where shorter length electrode is required like tower, ATM, CCTVs and mobile Electrical, Electronic & communication equipments for earthing/grounding.
  It is a need for quick Installation and mobile equipments used in the Defence, Space programs, Telecommunication and Construction sites.
  Mobile Earth provides efficient & fast method for earthing/grounding.
  For permanent installation it provides homogenous and symmetrical concentration of ground enhancing material around the electrode, where in mobile equipment it can reuse several times.
  In case the operational parameters are exceeding the limiting parameters of mobile electrode, multiple systems can be connected in parallel in either horizontal or vertical setting. Also avoid gravel and stones during backfilling.


Vertical setting – Resistance 32% of soil resistivity
Horizontal setting – Resistance 21% of soil resistivity
Capability of unbalance current withstanding 6.5A
Short term duty for 1 sec 600A


Outer body Carbon polymers with fine carbon fiber
Primary electrode 250 micron copper bonded MS rod
Color/smell Grey/indorous
Density 1.8gms/cm3
Toxic element Absent
Material compliance IEEE 80-2000 CLAUSE 14.5
Electrode compliance IEEE 80-2000 CLAUSE 11.5
Apprx. Number of operations 50 times or 2 years whichever is earlier, Careful use increase lifecycle